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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I joined my first technology startup as an intern (employee #28) and have been the founder or early employee for startups ever since. I am serial entrepreneur, a prolific networker, community builder, and love public speaking. I currently contract with businesses and founders, helping them tell their story. I am also building a conference for startup founders that helps them with a number of things including pitching. I am very active in the startup community including co-host of @NewTechPDX

What project are you most excited about working on right now?

Halo Car, my application to connect people, their vehicle, and their service providers to each other.

What do you enjoy most about helping others learn?

I love helping people more effectively communicate their ideas and motivations to others. Helping them make impact within a conversation and win the place in people’s minds that they desire.

“If you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room.”

What new skills are you interested in learning next? Why?

Creative skills. I enjoy a number of creative efforts, I consume the content and experience, but I have very limited creative outlets. I would love to find a new creative outlet.

What is the best advice you’ve received about your field of expertise?

If you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room. Surround yourself with experts and fill your world with expertise it’s easy to accomplish incredible things.

What would you like people on HelpWith to message you about?

Business development and artistic opportunities.

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