FEATURED MEMBER: Musician Dominic Kukla

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I love to help people find their happy, authentic, and powerful selves. I am a consultant, entrepreneur, rapper, community organizer, and eternal student. My journey has included constant contemplation, design, and redesign of my life’s purpose. I’m passionate about taking the things that have helped me and finding my unique way of passing the on to other people.
Hit me up if you’re interested in personal developments, altruism, and adventure!

What project are you most excited about working on right now?
My upcoming EP will be the first time I release music that I will have no excuse about. It will be my best work. I’m really excited about it! I already have some music that’s gotten a really positive response and I enjoy, which has given me confidence to just keep making stuff. Putting a definite date down to release prevents me from pretending I can wait for my art to be perfect. I’ve got a lot I want to share with people, and I’m learning how to do it no better way than by rhyming. This EP will be a big uncovering of what I work on every day. I’ve got a message to share.

It’s going to be a lot of gritty, altruistic, activist, spiritual, personal development content. The words will have far more meaning than almost anything I’ve been hearing. I’m excited to see how people will categorize it, dissect it, praise, and criticize it. It’s gonna be something unique. And then I get to go places and just tear shit up in front of an audience. It’s gonna be called “Ready Set EP”.
What do you enjoy most about helping others learn?

Watching people come alive, feel empowered. I get satisfaction from knowing another person is learning how to do their part well, and that the world is becoming better for both of us because of it.

“I get satisfaction from knowing another person is learning how to do their part well, and that the world is becoming better for both of us because of it.”

What new skills are you interested in learning next? Why?

Massage. I like giving massages. My girlfriend in particular likes getting them. Voice and dance lessons. Since I’ve really gotten into rapping, I realize that these skills will greatly help me express myself.

What is the best advice you’ve received about your field of expertise?

Recently- make sure you’re getting coached in what you want to be coaching. I got that from the worst seminar I’ve ever attended, about a month ago. These two dudes, who seemed to just fiend for money and care for little else, put on a free seminar I went to the first half of. They wanted people to go through their coaching programs, and used that quote to sell us on their services. I thought it was a good point. (Didn’t buy their programs). People say that the only way to mastery is through apprenticeship. I learned that the hard way, thinking that because I started reading some of the best books around, I was ready to start winning everything. Turns out that there’s a lot that happens in real life, and books can never capture it all. If I’m not learning from someone who’s doing really well at something very close to what I want to do, I’m not taking the fastest path.

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